Will Actress Niharica Raizada, India and Luxembourg become the cultural brand ambassador

The Indian supermodels and actress Niharica Raizada, born in Luxembourg, Europe, are known for their fashion and acting, and the actress wants to do something new by becoming a culturally brand ambassador between India and Luxembourg.

At the recently concluded fashion show, Niharika appeared in the fashion show and talked to the media about making the brand ambassador.

Niharica Raizada said, “Luxemburg is a great place, I feel good there, I am born and I want to go ahead and become a cultured brand ambassador between the two countries and do something new and good. I hope so ”

Rohit Verma has launched his new collection. Niharica Raizada is known for her designer clothes and fashion style. Niharika Raizada said on the fashion show, “I like the style of Rohit Verma, they use Fedars very well in their clothes. Today I liked the show-case designs here.”

Tell us, Niharika Raizada very soon will be seen in Ajay Devgan, Madhuri Dixit and Anil Kapoor in Total Dhamal.

Recently, the release date of the film was changed, the film will be released next year, talking about it, Niharika Raizada said, “There are some post-production work in the film, that’s why it takes some time. Will be released on February 22, 2019 “


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