These 10 companies give the highest jobs in the world

These 10 companies give the highest jobs in the world

This time in the Fortune Global 500 list, big companies around the world joining as the most valued company, Actually, there are also the largest job companies in the world.

These companies have more global outreach, their market is big, in which thousands of people work in these companies.

So, according to the list of Fortune Global, top 10 companies giving jobs –


America’s giant retailer Walmart is at the top of this list. This retail company employs around 2.2 million employees worldwide.


American retail company Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. This company employs 6.47 lakh people worldwide. It started in 1994 by Jeff Bezos.


Third is also an American retailer company. The company named after its founder Bernard Kroger is giving tough competition to other retailer companies. It employs 4.53 lakh people from all over the world.

Yum China Holdings Inc.

Yum China Holdings is one of the largest restaurant chains in China. This company came from America’s Texas-based company Yum! Starting in 2016, he started focusing on China alone. At present, 4.5 lakh people work in this company.

Home Depot

Home Depot is America’s largest home improvement retailer. These companies provide tools, supply of construction products and similar services. 4.13 lakh people work in the company of Atlanta.

Berkshire Hathaway

World’s 3rd richest man Warren Buffett’s multinational conglomerate holding company Berkshire Hathaway employs 3.89 million people.


New York’s International Business Machines Corporation i.e. IBM Multinational Information Technology Company works in 170 countries. 3.81 lakh people work in this company.


America’s multinational package delivery and supply chain management company is a good name in the field of logistics. The Georgia state of the US employs 3.64 million people.


Target is America’s largest retailer company. It started with George Dayton Its headquarter is in Minneapolis. This company has given employment to 3.60 million people.

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FedEx Corporation is America’s multinational courier delivery service company. Its headquarter is in Memphis. 3.59 lakh people work in this company


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