Learn a Pregnancy kit Test, a Light Line and The Real Truth of a Dark Line

Checking pregnancy is not difficult for anyone today, but you can check pregnancy by bringing pregnancy kit in the house. You can easily find it at any medical shop. And to do this test, first use urine after you wake up in the morning because the hormones are more sensitive at that time. And you can do this test a week after your periods are missed. By opening this kit and adding three drops of urine, this test is done.

After that there comes two lines, one which shows that this pregnancy kit is correct. And the second shows that you are pregnant. But if this kit shows the same line then it means that your test is negative. But sometimes a pregnancy test results in a very light line. It depends on the sensitivity of checking your pregnancy. Because the kit you use is often less sensitive which can not calculate your results well.

Also, the correct result of pregnancy comes only when the h.c.g. hormone is dissolved in the body. And if this hormone occurs in your body in sufficient quantity then your result comes positive or not. And this hormone starts to be well-drained in the body between six to twelve days of your pregnancy. Have you lost your period too? And you are also thinking that pregnancy test is done at home only. So let us know today that what is meant by the line light and dark in the pregnancy kit.

Meaning of a line light and a line dark in the pregnancy Kit test: –

If after a pregnancy test in the house, if one line is light and one line becomes dark, neither does it mean that your pregnancy is positive or negative. If one of your lines is dark and one light after the pregnancy test, then you should test again three or four days later. Also, your exact time to test is done a week after the periods are missed. Because at this time your body’s HCG hormone activity is high.

Apart from which you get the correct result of pregnancy, besides this, you should also take special care of yourself whenever you use a urine in the morning when you do a pregnancy test. And after that if your pregnancy test is not correct and you are thinking of testing again, then you should use the new kit for it. You can check the exact result of your pregnancy, even after that you can take a doctor’s opinion once.

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How to test pregnancy: –

First of all, bring a pregnancy test kit from the market. After that in the morning, first take urine in a dry and clean lid, then open the pregnancy test kit. There is a dropper for urine. After that, fill urine in the dropper, and insert three drops comfortably in the kit where the S is written. Then you wait if the writing on the kit becomes dark, it means that the pregnancy kit is right. And then T also becomes dark, it means that you are pregnant, and if T is not dark then it means that your test is negative.

So if you are also doing a pregnancy test at home, and test your line after it is light again. Otherwise you can go to the doctor to confirm it. Because once again, waiting for a woman to come back after a light line in the pregnancy test can be emotionally a little difficult. That is why you can take a doctor’s opinion once you want.

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