whatsapp download for pc
whatsapp download for pc

Whatsapp May Soon Launch Web Whatsapp, working on desktop version of whatsapp

Soon you will be able to play Whatsapp even without phone. Instant messaging app can soon bring a desktop version of Whatsapp, where you will not need a phone to play Whatsapp.

However, the Whatsapp log on the system is already available on the Whatsapp web browser or web.whatsapp.com, but now Whatsapp will also come fully in the desktop version. For this, the device must have the Whatsapp app installed and the device must be connected to the Internet.

Whatsapp May Soon Launch Web Whatsapp

WABetaInfo, a news website for Whatsapp updates, has reported that Whatsapp is working on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which will work even if the phone is switched off or not connected to the Internet.

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With the introduction of new features, users will have to login to the Whatsapp web and they will be able to send and receive Whatsapp messages from their computer.

The Whatsapp web is already quite helpful and is used much more. It is easy to download or upload images, share media. That’s the only thing that requires your phone to have a Whatsapp and an internet connection. Now the web version of Whatsapp will come complete with this reduction.

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