keep 7 things in mind, If you wear sapphire

Gems have a significant role in addition to other worship rituals in astrology, but according to your horoscope in astrology, you should be wearing proper gems and you get the right gem. It is also very important. Let’s talk about the beautiful gems of Sapphire [Neelam] ….

keep 7 things in mind, If you wear sapphire

Sapphire mostly remains in the discussion that it will give it or it will do it immediately after wearing it. Either he will suddenly make a rich or poor person. Many such misconceptions about Sapphire But the truth is that nothing like this happens. Any gem is determined only by the horoscope. Despite the correct determination, if you do not get the correct results then there are many reasons for this.

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After wearing sapphire, you must donate grains in every Saturday and Saturn constellations.

Leave the alcoholic drinks on Saturday.

Keep service Emotion for people with disabilities.

Be respectful to the elderly people of the house.

Every month, on the second Saturday of the Shukla Paksh, get the gem transformed from the water found in milk, ghee, gangaajal, sesame and sugarcane.

Gemstones 108 times from Shammi’s wood “Shannodebeerbhavyya: Apobhabantutipatayya Shaniyarbhisravintun:” Anoint the mantra of the mantra. This will awaken the gems and give positive energy.

Do not give false assurance to anybody after wearing sapphire, otherwise the consequences will be serious.

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