How To Recover Wi-Fi Password : Recovery on WiFi password on window

People often forget their password. Once the WiFi password is set up, it does not need to be used again. In such a case, it is imperative to forget the password. It also remembers when a relative comes and it needs to be logged in to the WiFi network.

At that time the emphasis is on the mind. The password still does not remember. There is no need to reset the router before accepting or reversing it. There is no need to do this. Here are some of the things to follow step by step. WiFi password can be saved again.

How To Recover Wifi Password


There are so many apps that claim that they can recover the WiFi password. They do not need windows for the PC. Not only this, if there is no admission access to windows PC. The password can be saved. However, it is important to take care of this during this time. This method will only work if security is set up in a personal way. If you set it back in the enterprise network or office WiFi, then it will not be possible.

Do this

1- Go to Control Panel by going to the Start option of PC. After that visit the Network End Sharing Center. Go to window 8 computer and press the window key psece. After that click on the search, there you will find Network & Sharing Center.

2-Click Change Adapter setting which will look left

3- Right click on the status of the WiFi network you are using.

4-Now click on wireless properties.

5- Then click on the Security tab.

6-Here the hidden password will appear on the WiFi network. Find out which characters will look here Then revive the Save password.

App will help

1- There are some apps that can help in this work. For this ( Download WiFi Password Revealer. While installing it, the installer will also have the option of installing Skype and AVG Tuneup. Here’s advice not to install them during this time.

After 2-install, run the program.

3- After this you will see WiFi network names and their password. Viewing WiFi SSID and password only needs to run the program.

Mac keychain Access App

How to recover WiFi password on Mac keychain Access App

1- Go to Applications or utility.

2- Open keychain access. After that go to the system keychain and go to the bar in the left.

Go to the 3-Wright Corner and search the Wifi password. For that, type the name of the network in the search box or manually find the list.

4- Go to the Rezult box and double click on Network Name. After this, look for the password option.

5-Now enter the user’s account and password. You will then see the Save password in the Clear Text.

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