How To Know If Your Boyfriend Is Just Using You : 9 Signs

You remember day and night while spending time with your partner. And realizes the love and wrangle that accompanies them. You feel that this is your Mr. Wright, thinking about which you get excited. It seems to you that now you have a person whom you can say for yourself. But as you move forward in a relationship, you do not feel well. You feel that the relationship between you and the other is not the same. It starts eating inside you, your conscience can not accept this situation. In this case, you feel that the real root of this situation should be reached.

9 Signs He’s Using You And You Don’t Even Know It

You may have heard from many people that they were used in the relationship but you have never thought of this for yourself. You can never think that your boyfriend could use you. He is your partner and you always expect him to love and respect for yourself. However, you will find it strange to know that on most occasions women are unaware that their boyfriend is using them. If you have a slightest fear that he is taking advantage of you in any way, and this relation is just a show, then start looking at their objections. We have come here with a list, if some of these things match the behavior of your boyfriend, then it increases the likelihood that he is using you.

1. He does not talk to you about any commitments

He never gives you any assurance about the future of his relationship. He tries to tell that the relationship of both of you is for some time only.

2. He concentrates on completing his needs in the Bedroom

He never tries to please you in the bedroom. She just takes care of her sexual needs. He becomes very mean in this matter.

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3. He is known for using girls

Learn about his reputation. If you know that its character is used to use girls in the past, then it is likely that they do the same with you too.

4. It is financially dependent on you

He is never financially independent of himself. It is a sign that he is using you as your bank. Whenever you need money, you understand your ATM and ask for money.

5. He does not care about your thoughts and feelings.

He is never interested in knowing your thoughts or whatever you feel. She never goes into its depth. She is not interested in knowing what you really are. It is a sign that he sees you as a person, not a person.

6. He never connects with his friends or family

He does not ever meet you with people you know. That’s because in his mind you are just like an object which is just for a while.

7. He still flirt with other girls

He is not honest with you. He does not give you the security and security you need in your relationship. His eyes still rise towards the other girls and he has made himself available to others.

8. In relationship with you he is not continuously

She does not show consistency with you. He works according to his mind. She treats you well only when she does mind. He does not give you any reason for which you depend on him.

9. From inside you feel that there is a lack of something

The sound of the mind is something that is being lost somewhere these days. You should not ignore your group Feeling but listen to it. It works to protect you. If you feel like yourself that something is missing, it means there is something wrong with the relationship.


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