How to fix negative display or ghost image in LCD Monitor

1. Negative Display OR Ghost Image

Clean all cards and cables and connectors but same problem available then replace CCFL
finally replace main panel.
Dark moon effect on the main panel
Dark moon effect on the main panel (Black patch appear on the min panel)
Replace main panel
Display with some snow fall

Computer in hindi

2. Snow fall appear on the main panel. 

Then check data cable for loose contact and its earthing wire a disconnect in rare cut.
any polarized capacitor burst in power supply

3. Very dull light appear on the main panel. 

Check any polarized capacitor defective on inverter card or power card.

4. Power LED very low glowing with blinking 

Power led glowing low with blinking and not light appear on the screen
Check any shorting on power and inverter card
Check  any polarized capacitor for defective.

5. Fast Horizontal Rolling

Horizontal sync signal is missing from CPU to AD card Finally
Replace Ad card

6. Both Rolling Appear on the main panel 

Horizontal and vertical sync signal missing

7. Monitor is working one hour then no light appear

Any one chip over heat use on AD card so check Reason for Overheat.
Hint:=> Supply is more

8. Over Brightness available on the center point on LCD
CCFL wrong M.M use (size in thickness )
Over brightness available on the main panel
check brightness circuit only.

9. Poor Contrast 

Adjust contrast if it is not working then check bus cable for faulty

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