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How to find stolen phone on google track your stolen phone through google

Losing your smartphone or stealing it is not less than coming to a big trouble on the head. We have synchronized our entire life with my phone. In such a case, if the phone is lost, everything becomes confused.

If your phone is lost or you’ve forgotten it somewhere, then there is a way to find your phone. You can find your lost phone through Google.

Essential things

In order to find your phone, your Google Account must be signed in your phone and there should be an active data connection with GPS. You will be able to track your phone only when these settings are turned on.

You can track your phone from both desktop and mobile. For this you have to follow a few different steps, the process after that is almost the same.

How to find stolen phone on google

find your lost phone through Google

Follow these steps on the desktop

– Open your Gmail ID on your desktop, which is logged in the lost phone. Log in by visiting the homepage.

– Click on your profile icon in the top right corner.

– Select the Google Account.

– Select the security option on the left hand.

– You will see your devices option under a section. Select the option to find a lost or stolen phone.

– Select the device you are trying to find.

– Verify yourself by entering Gmail’s password.

Follow On Mobile Step

– Open the Gmail app and log in with the logged in Gmail ID in the lost phone.

– Go to top and click on security.

– Go to the option of your devices and select the option to find a lost or stolen phone.

– Choose your device

– Verify yourself by entering Gmail’s password.

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Now after this Google will help you. If this is the current location of the phone, the icon will be green. If there is the last recorded location of the phone then the icon will turn gray. Select this if you have a green icon. This will open Google Maps and take you to your phone.

If you are close to the location of your mobile, then click on play sound, even if your phone is silent, the call of Google will ring on your phone, so that you get the location of your phone.

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