How to dispose the condom after use?


You may have seen many used condoms lying down, which spoils your mood. Many of you may have had such a defect or you may have heard from someone that many times children play the condom at the house or in the park and carry some condoms in hand and ask their elders what is this . If the embarrassing incident has not happened to you and you do not want it to happen, then you should know the right way to throw condoms after use. Because the condom is not biodegradable, you should come to the proper method of disposing it. Before going to the right way, you know what is the wrong way to do disposing after using it.

Do not know how many people do the work of flushing you using condoms. Flushing in toilets makes them quite comfortable, but you should not do that at all. Due to flushing condom, it can be a pipe block for which you can post your plumber later and you may have to pay a good amount of money for it.

What can be more embarrassing than this is that the plumber should tell the reason for your blockage to your used condoms. An attempt is made to separate these condoms during the water recycling process, but when they are released, they move forward and reach the pond and the ocean. Do not leave the condom used with carelessness, especially if there are children in your home. Do not throw them in the middle, park or lake.

What NOT to do with a used condom

  • Don’t throw used condoms in the toilet, really. It says it on all the condom boxes and instructions if you take the time to read. Condoms can get snagged on debris in plumbing pipes and actually back up your plumbing. Then the plumbers have to come out and roto-root your pipes with a plumbing snake and it will be pretty embarrassing when they pull out all of your condoms from the last three years!!
  • Don’t throw used condoms on the ground! If you had kids would you want them picking them up? Would you want your grandmother to have to see a used condom laying next to her car?
  • Don’t throw used condoms down the garbage sink disposal. Even if you’re using the kitchen table for your own kinky fun, it’s still a bad idea to plug up the plumbing.
  • Don’t throw used condoms in the water at the beach or in the lake at the park. Used condoms float and they always wash up on shore, usually when someone is getting married on the beach!
  • Don’t throw used condoms in the recycling bins. I mean really! Are there that many stupid people out there? When I heard this one…….?

This is the right way to dispose a used condom.

You will not have more than five seconds to do this. Keeping in mind the risk of infection and pregnancy, remove the condom after use and wrap it in a tissue paper, paper bag or paper and put it in the dustbin.

1. It is more important to wrap the condom used in this process by wrapping it in something. People who collect garbage also hesitate to take it open. If you are out of the house then keep it wrapped in paper and throw it when any garbage appears.

2. You can take care of another thing before wrapping. Bind the condom’s mouth after use It will not spread semen nor its scent.

3. Got babies at home, throw your used condom in the Diaper Genie! I know people with kids know what a diaper genie is. It’s that thing you throw old diapers in so they don’t smell up the house. If you have a diaper genie, use it for your used condoms too!

4. If you’re in your car, and it’s time to throw out the used condom, don’t throw it outside! Put it in the ashtray till you get home or until you find a trashcan. Be Responsible!

5. If your on a boat, don’t throw used condoms overboard! Put it in an empty coke can or beer can until you find a trash can.

I Know you’re not dumb, after all you were smart enough to use condom protection so I know you’re smart enough to throw them away properly.

Be responsible.
Condom use shows responsibility
so do the right thing and throw em away!

Used condoms are for the trash!


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