Geo effect: Smart phone prices.


Reliance Geo 4G came in .. 

The country’s telecom firms have come to the scene. 1 GB 3G data was charged to Rs.250. The inability of the company to provide 30 GB 4G data and free calls to Rs.300. Mukesh Ambani has announced the launch of Reliance Annual Meeting, which is now being offered to cell phone manufacturers. 

The inability of the smart phones to be priced at Rs 5, 6,000 is not inevitable. Geo phone will be going on for a while. Even smartphone manufacturers have already been alerted. The consequences are changing rapidly since this phone announcement. Companies like Micromax, Intex, Lava, Carbon and Samsung have come to think about their future, especially on the feature phone market.

Geo effect: Smart phone prices.
Geo effect: Smart phone prices.

First wicket with Geo Announcement Made in China,

 the company has reduced phone prices. Recently the market has come down .. The company has lowered the VVV Plus Plus smartphone that has gained huge popularity as two selfie cameras. The company announced a reduction of 5,000 rupees. Currently, the price of Rs 27,000 980 is now Rs. 22 thousand 999 k is available. There is a huge campaign on these phones during IPL cricket. Analysts are also surprised by the price reduction. This is the name on the camera phone. This is the first phone to come with two selfie cameras with 20 MPs and 8 MPs (megapixel). 5.5 inch Heidi Display, 3055 MAH Battery, Fingerprint Scanner, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB Memory. It’s just Sample. More ..

Cell phone maker companies are working to cut their phones rates abruptly.

 Otherwise, they found it difficult to survive in the market. To reduce the rate, the company urged all the companies to focus on their Technical Research Engineers Team for the Equipment Appointment. Overall, Geo arrivals mean that the average Indian telecom customer is going to get better. Companies like Micromax, Lava and Intex are already developing 4G feature phones with basic features. To compete with Geo phones, they are also in agreement with other telecom operators.



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