Daily Free Amazon Coins

Since a few weeks ago I started using Amazon Coins to buy bundles. The Amazon Appstore had this icon that gives free coins.

I didn’t know then, but I do now. Seems like the free coins icon refreshes daily. Gotten like more than 200 coins thus far (that’s about $2 USD) since the Hyoh banner (and I only started collecting daily since about 10+ days ago).

It’s not much, but well its free and takes 10 seconds of my time each day.

Can add this to the list of daily login freebies xD

Does anyone know if the number of coins is pure RNG, or depends on how much you spend? Does it stack if you don’t collect it daily? (I got 25 coins, then 50, then 100 over 3 days and then it became around ~10 since then)

Daily Free Amazon Coins

EDIT: Note that to get that Amazon Appstore, you have to manually download the APK file from somewhere on Amazon and then “install from unknown source” on your phone. And I’m pretty sure (though not 100% certain) your account address has to be based in a country that allows the use of Amazon Coins (amazon.uk, amazon.de, amazon.com for US). Otherwise I think you can’t download.


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