Amy Jackson Birthday: How the UK model decided to travel to Bollywood.

Bollywood actress Amy Jackson’s birthday is today and on her birthday we are going to tell you some interesting things related to her life. We will also show you some amazing photos of Amy Jackson. Amy Jackson was born on January 31, 1991 in a village in England. Her father, Allen Jackson, was a BBC presidency. Amy started her career as an RJ at just 17 years of age and during the modeling she won the Miss Teen World title in 2008. In 2010, he participated in the Miss England competition but he could not qualify for the final round.

Interesting Unknown facts about Amy Jackson

she was signed to film Madrasapattinam.

As of 2009, Amy had become a well known face of the modeling industry in the UK. Meanwhile, the director of the Tamil film industry fell on her eyes and she was signed to film Madrasapattinam.

Amy Jackson Actress

Blockbuster hit

In the film, Amy appeared opposite actor Arya. The movie proved to be Blockbuster hit at the box office.

Amy Jackson​ Hot

Amy debut

In the year 2012, Amy made a debut in the Bollywood industry with the film ‘Ek Deewana’. The film did not look like anything like her first film, and the film had to be stuck in box office.

Amy Jackson

love affair

As far as Amy’s love is concerned, there was a lot of talk of Ame and Prateik Babbar’s love affair.

Both had so much love for each other that both of them had a tattoo of each other’s name on their hands.


Amy Jackson wrote on her hand – My love is mine prateik On the other hand, the Prateik also wrote ‘My love my amy’ on my hand.

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