27 years after Akshay Kumar debut, Rs 600 crore bet, entry with a strong film

These days there is tremendous discussion about many Bollywood films. One of these is Akshay Kumar’s film 2.0. The film is going to be released in just 8 days and in the meantime there is somehow left in the headlines. This film has made tremendous records through advance booking before release. For the first time, fans are desperate to see Akshay Kumar in the role of such a dangerous villain in the superpowers. Meanwhile, we have brought a fun news to increase your excitement a bit more. This news is about the story of 2.0.

If the reports about the trailer and the story of the film are to be believed, the story of the film will start from where chitti is destroyed and kept in the museum. After a few years people have to face a force that is bent on destroying the world. People give this name to the chromian. This chroman knows how people around the world have become slaves of mobile devices. Everybody here has a mobile. Cromine One mobile phone enhances its strength by scattering people and controlling it is not in the control of anyone.

Finally Chitti is pulled out and trained for the end of the Chroma. This work is not easy and it helps Chitti with a female robot. The film will see tremendous fight scenes between Chitti and Cromman. Both of the film’s Chase Sequence are also going to be interesting. However, learn more about some interesting things about this movie-

Akshay Kumar’s look

Akshay Kumar  look has also been shared with Rajinikanth’s Chatti. These posters seem really dangerous.

Most Expensive Movie 2.0

India’s most expensive movie is going on. It is the final. The film is made on a budget of approximately 650 crores. While Bahubali was built around 250 crores.

India’s biggest Movie

At the moment, India’s highest-grossing film is Aamir Khan’s Riot The film had earned a staggering 1899 crores.

Bahubali record

At the same time, South’s biggest film Bahubali 2 can also break record 2.0. Bahubali 2 had earned 1200 crores.

Akshay Kumar’s biggest Movie

Apparently it will prove to be Akshay Kumar’s biggest film at the box office.

500 million club

2.0 is also being made in Hindi. So, this can be the first Hindi remake film to join the 500 million club. Bahubali 2 started 400 crore club.

Biggest single day

So far, the biggest single-day earning film in India is Rajkumar Hirani Ki Sanju. Which earned about 47 crores. 2.0 can break this record.

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